Content verticals

We have expertise in building online content hubs or verticals for non-profits, brands and organisations. 

It's a go to place for the audience. 

  • It engages with the specific content. 

  • It helps in spreading awareness about causes. 

  • It provides online repository of knowledge. 

  • It helps in branding. 


Past work: Goodyear JOJ; Branding

A travel community for raising brand awareness. Goodyear wanted to reach out to travel enthusiasts. 
In our workshop and research we categorised them into four. Each category led to an unique journey. 
Content strategy required content types such as travel stories, podcasts, comics, application and animations. 
Sparklin designed the website, and Varun led our in house team to develop. 
After the launched we built the community for 2 years. 


We will build one for you. 

  • Concept 

  • Strategy: Content & channel 

  • Content hub: Owned + third party 

  • Outreach: campaigns + programs 


Strategy & programs

Build a content strategy for your online presence. 

Conceptualise and design content strategy, plan and channels to reach out to your audience. 

Past work: Content strategy

Taco Bell: Strategy

Taco Bell hired us to launch their brand in Mumbai. We also developed their strategy deck for their online strategy. They wanted to highlight their food adventures. 
We  matched the online profiles with the different types of food adventures people could take. 

- Content strategy

- Content hub strategy deck

- Channel strategy

 Fab India

Who doesn't know Fabindia. They commissioned a strategy deck for their online community. We suggested them to take a story telling and workshop approach to tap the already existing groups of admirers of Fabindia. 


3. Royal Enfield

We took a journey with Enfield to Wagah border to understand their community. After returning we worked with their community officer to develop the strategy deck. It highlighted reworking on their dormant community forum called number plates. 

Past work: Content program

WWF India: Wisdom Nuggets

WWF India runs Asia's biggest environment quiz. They wanted to reach out  15,000 schools before the quizzing rounds. Participants were from 5th to 8th standard. 
We finalised the content strategy. Sheel used her communication design chops to craft beautiful newsletters. 
It's now in the 2nd year of its program. 

Outreach campaigns

Content within the silos of website, blog or social media accounts is as good as dead. With a good campaign, one can reach the target audience for the specific outcomes. 

We have helped brands such as Pepsico, Reebok, Yahoo with their outreach campaigns. We can help you also. 


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