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Know Q Out

Yahoo was India’s second biggest search engine. It wanted to engage with Indian users.


Yahoo wanted to engage users, to spread awareness about their search engine. It wanted to reach out to young people; school, colleges and professionals.

We zeroed on using quizzing to reach out to people. Our research showed that quizzing is the real life version of finding information on search engine. We decided to build an online community of knowledge enthusiasts.

We built a content hub, which included weekly digests around five main topics. We also posted treasure hunt essays on the blog. We used social media to reach out the quizzers. We aimed at people playing the quizzes on various platforms, using the search engine.

The community is still running after 8 years.
- There are more than 10,000 members on Facebook.
- We organized quizzes. We collaborated with CBSE and History Channel to do national quizzes.