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Goodmorning Heart

Pepsico had launched Quaker Oats as their flagship health brand. India’s market breakfast was saturated with cornflakes. Kellogs and other local players had dominated it.

Quaker decided to target health conscious people, instead of the entire breakfast cereal market. Objective was to spread awareness about the brand. Shack was roped in to build an online community of heart health enthusiasts.

We decided to talk about saving heart from food excesses and sedentary lifestyle. Content strategy was to share information from trusted resources, merits and demerits of the lifestyle, preventive measures, and food choices with recipes.

- Branded blog: It talked about things which affect the hearth health. We roped in professional writers to write essays and articles.
- Social media: We used Facebook and Twitter to reach out the end user.

In the first year we created an online community of 50,000 users.
- Goodmorning Heart programme was expanded into a content hub with a newly designed website.