Content marketing done right.

We craft campaigns, which help in achieving marketing objectives.


Our Mission

Use web and content for content marketing, online branding and community building.

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Our Impact

What is impact?

Rational outcomes are real impacts. Influencing opinion is one. So are informing and engaging the target audience about a cause. Increasing loyalty or increasing purchase intent are also good impacts. We aim to achieve real impacts.

What is not impact?

Pushing updates after updates on umpteen social media channels, without any specific outcomes is not impact. We avoid the arms race to maximum likes or shares.



Brands we have worked with

We have worked with big brands such as Pepsico, Goodyear, Philips, Yahoo and Apollo. We have also worked with non-profits such as WWF.



Content campaigns

In the past 10 years we have conceptualised, built and managed campaigns.



COntent platforms built

Integrated content hubs.


Our Programs

Think of content marketing as a tool box. Each program is a set of tools as per the outcomes/ impact we desire. For example newsletter programs are apt for building direct relationship with your audience. There are other tools such as mini sites, webinars, videos, reports, playbook, article and profiles.

There are four primary programs.



Newsletters are the workhorse for building the audience. With top notch content and research, one can win the trust of the readers. It’s one of the most dependable ways. Big brands such as IBM do it. So do smaller brands such as Basecamp.

Explainer programs

If you aim to talk about your products, you will have to make its user journey clear. Videos, webinars and infographics are effective ways to explain the product to the target audience.

Resource centres/ repository

One can not always be running the program. Think of it as DIY version of informing and educating the users. It also establishes the publisher as thought leaders.

Online community

Most users are passionate about causes. One can tap into their enthusiasm, by connecting with them through their passions. The more one knows about the audience the better are the online communities.


October 2018

Shack helped us conceptualise, design and develop our newsletter program for WWF’s community. We are using it in the third year as well.

Neha Mishra, Senior Manager WWF India